With the dreadful news that the lovely (snark) Giles Clarke may soon be out of a job, I thought it a good time to re-post a heartfelt tribute to the man (and all the other greedy whores who profess to lead for the good of our game), written early last year…


The ECB vision, incites laughter and derision… then reality of our tears, and their inbred ineptitude only confirms our fears… 

Greaseproof papering, over the cracks at the ICC/ECB
President elect so slick and oiled palms greasy
Monetary momentary oblivion into collusion
Yet, old boys clubbing together in mutual illusion
Cannot see the forest for the trees
That continue to fall as they don’t hear our pleas…
Rotten stumps, forgotten branches bare this
Ignorance is bliss in a DOAG air-brushed kiss
Unwatched except by the bilious unwashed
The press mainly pass on cricket’s true cost
Cosy, behind the pay-wall, no notion of our devotion
Posing as finding the ‘no leaks’ before all a commotion…
So, Srini/Manoshar have gone, replaced by a BCCI who?
As has the CA exec, Wally, only his name had truth
Which leaves us with the oil-man, our ECB filled shabbiy suit brute
Now less scary than the empty current Tom-tit PR hirsute empty suit?
And as days pass with ne’er a media digging
Apart from a few, who here have climbed the rigging…
From Hong Kong via Texas to Dubai and beyond
And Lording it all to Mumbai as they rape and abscond
Cricket lives  in its own half-baked lies
And too much reporting is just snorting the gravy-trained pies
To snuffle the whole pigs ear they swallow
Leaving us, the fans, feeling ever more hollow…
Yet, it’s not the press who should shoulder the blame
E’en when sycophantic myopia is presented, in the name
Of reportage ignorant, and damage control for the trolls
Selling papers for a pound of flesh, eventual lost souls
And wouldn’t we, as outsiders still
Love to be part of the spoon-fed swill…?
Sadly, solely, the cash-cows talk
Sponsorship, not holy, is the ECB walk
They say the devil has all the best tunes
Cricket admin buries it’s head in the dunes
Ignoring the future for short-term moneyed bliss
Storing the dollars, self-interest, so fans…just pay up and ass-kiss…

Yet, let’s kid the mums of the kids to reap further paywall prizes

These ingrained idiots just kill our game, flush-pockets, no surprises

Except their MSM accepted bluff

I, For One, of Many, I’ve had enough

Fuck ’em All

It’s all they deserve is to fail

Their sham of a hammer, ever misses to nail

The truth…